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Kitsune Crest - História Original

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1 Kitsune Crest - História Original em Qua Jun 26, 2013 2:46 pm

Silver Bloodriver

*Eu não sei se isto devia ir para a parte de fanfic visto que não é uma fanfic, no entanto se for ai o lugar deste tópico peço a um mod ou admin para o por lá sff*

Bom, isto vai ser uma história que estou a pensar transformar numa manga, para dizer a verdade era para ter começado como manga mas decidi escrever a história no formato de um livro primeiro, para me organizar. (alem disso ajuda-me a desenvolver a escrita.)

*Uma nota eu só escrevo histórias em Inglês, não sei porque, mas acho mais "confortavel".

Line Art da Protagonista:

Primeiro Capitulo. 1st Ch "Pilot"
*O primeiro capitulo ainda não está completo, vou só postar um bocado por aqui.

It was the twelfth hour, in the dead of night a lone blond girl of 17 years of age wearing a black waist coat and a skirt of the same color, shining amber was the color of her eyes she was wearing knee high socks, her bra was partly seeable from what the waist coat couldn’t cover, walks among the city street, there was no one in the street, shacks were on each side of the street, this city was one of the poorest, all the lights are out, except for one, far way a small fire lights the distance. The lone girl walks in the direction of the fire but stops, a young boy about 11 years old with straw colored hair was lying in a small alley wrapped in some thorn sheets, probably the best place he found to sleep in.
- Where are you going, Miss? –Asked the boy – You shouldn’t get near the fire, it is said the fiends kill everyone who go near them.
- Thanks for your concern boy. –Said the girl in a smug voice –do you have a name?
- Ethan Miss, my name is Ethan. - Answered the boy.
- Well, Ethan, let us make a deal shall we? If I go the fires and return unscathed, I’ll take you to my family house, it must be though living on these streets. When was the last time you had a proper meal?
- I don’t remember Miss, the fiends stole the food of the city and continue to demand offerings, those fires come from a nearby farm that couldn’t pay the offerings - said the boy, and with tears forming on his eyes said - my family was killed for the same reason.
The girl waited a moment and said with the same smug expression. – What about our deal? Will you accept it? You will be able to work for my family, you will be fed and have a place to sleep.
- Are you speaking seriously, Miss?
- As serious as I can be.
- How will you defeat the fiends, they’re strong.
- Ethan, do you know who I am? –asked the girl in proud manner.
- No, Miss. – answered the boy a bit scared.
- I am Demelza of the Seiman clan, I am to be the next head of the Seiman clan, for the past 500 years my family has fought Demons and other creatures, no fiends scare me. Now tell me the fastest way to the farm the fiends are setting ablaze.
Ethan explained the way, and so went Demelza. The rest of the city was completely empty. Finally Demelza reached the farm that was under Demon attack, the farm was being burnt down animals were trying to escape and a small family of three was weeping for their ravaged home, surrounded by other three tall shadowy figures, one of the figures held a sword with a big black bloodstained blade, the one who held the blade seemed to be the leader of the fiend group. As Demelza drew closer the fiends started to take notice of her presence, they were hideous it was as if one was staring into the face of Hell, putrid and rotten flesh, two horns sprouted from their heads one had long black greasy hair that reach his middle back, the other two were bald, their eyes were shining orange and had no pupils, their yellow teeth were dripping what seemed to be blood, the three were wearing black pants and wore no top shirts. One of the Demons turned to Demelza and said:
- Hey, Lord Grothl, Serth, look at what we have here, someone followed us.
-Are you scared of being followed, Yhurel? And by a wench no less, do you know what happens to wenches like you who interfere with us? –said the Demon named Serth to Demelza.
-You must think so highly of yourself, even though you’re nothing but a small fry, as if a bastard such as yourself could even land a hand on me. – said Demelza with disdain to Serth. – You must feel so proud by terrorizing these people who can’t fight back, why do you try your hand at someone who can?
- You bitch! –yelled the Demon called Yhurel, and in a moment both Yhurel and Serth were dashing towards Demelza, and in a flash both Demons were defeated, slash marks on their bodies from were blood jarred out were seeable, the two had passed out and laid on the ground. The face of the leader of the Demons, Grothl, showed surprise, not because his underlings were defeated nor by what he witnessed, but because of the form Demelza had taken. From the top of her head, sprouting from her golden blond hair two fox hears had appeared, her finger nails had grown and resembled claws, her pupils were like a cat’s, and a fox’s tail had appeared with beautiful golden fur.
- What are you so surprised about, small fry? – asked Demelza. – Have you never seen a Kitsune?
- A Kitsune? I really can’t say that I have. Tell me, were those claws of yours what you used to slash through these two idiots? –asked Grothl
- Why yes, they were. A Kitsune’s claws are able to cut through steel with ease. - explained Demelza.
- Well then, why don’t you try to slash me as well? – said Grothl as he opened both arms. – I’ll let you have the first hit.
- Very well, this will be the last hit you’ll see. – said Demelza with a smirk.
Demelza dashed towards Grothl, he smiled and said: - I don’t even have to dodge this. – and then a scream of pain resounded for miles, Demelza had thrust her claws into the Demon’s right eye, blood was spilling everywhere.
-Don’t get the wrong idea, small fry, it’s not that you didn’t need to dodge, you couldn’t dodge. One of the greatest Kitsune assets it’s their speed, also it was pretty obvious that your body had hardened skin, you’re not the first Demon I saw using that technique, the only body part you can’t harden is your eyes.
-Y-You bitch! – yelled Grothl as he charged in to attack Demelza in a blind rage.
- The fires you’ve spread through this land will be your demise – said Demelza as she dodged the enraged Demon – since you’ve never seen a Kitsune I’ll explain to you some of our abilities. You already know about our claws and speed, we, Kitsunes, are also dotted with the ability of controlling flames be it their shape or strength – she explained as she kept dodging.
- So, I need to thank you, for giving me all of this fire. – said Demelza as she stopped in a single spot with her back turned to the burning farm.
Demelza raised her hands and the fire that was spreading through the farm concentrated in a spot and took the shape of an enormous flaming fox.
- Normally I wouldn’t be able to create such huge creature. This is all thanks to the flames you’ve used to destroy the lives of the people in this city.
- I-I’ts impossible, how can someone with such power exist? - babbled the demon, not wanting to believe what his eye was seeing.
- Now, small fry, drown in these flames that represent all you’ve taken from these people, you should have thought that this would come back to bite you.
The flaming fox lowered its head with its enormous mouth opened, swallowed Grothl whole. It was possible to see him burn inside the fox’s mouth, then the rest of the fox engulfed the demon. Grothl screamed as his skin melted and as his bones became charcoal colored, afterwards, nothing but a pile of ashes remained, and the flames had extinguished.

2 Re: Kitsune Crest - História Original em Qua Jun 26, 2013 3:29 pm


legal parece que os capitulos vão ser grandes ai fica bom

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